Travel Advise

1. Check VISA requirements for yourselves. For nationals that require a VISA to Kenyna, they do have an online 

     application system ... for most passports.

2. Vaccinations - Kenya does have requirements for Yellow fever vaccination for some nationalities. Please check if

     you fall under that category. Your country may also have requirements for travelers to Africa.

3. Carry your regular medication. Also carry certain certain emergency medication as a first aid kit in your bag for

     very basic requirements like head aches, common colds, stomach issues etc etc. Usually you will not require them

     as the camps are all of international standards.

4. Carry insect repellent. It is not required, but always good to play safe.

5. Carry hand sanitize-rs.

6. Pack light and if possible in soft bags. Most camps do have basic laundry facilities.

7. Carry US$ in small change as it comes handy when shopping for souvenirs and settling small bills at the camps.

8. You can buy a local SIM card at the airport with data. It works almost everywhere (In the wilderness too).

9. If you like munching during the day, pack some snacks in your bag.

10. Plastic is banned in Kenya. Remember to dispose off all plastic including any duty free bags you may have before

     leaving the Customs area.

11. Tipping of your driver/guide is expected. Usually @ $50 per day per vehicle.

12.  All camps have a tip box which is usually shared among the camp staff. This is separate from the driver/guide