The gorgeous landscape of the African Wild creates a kaleidoscope of  breathtaking plains, with majestic predators living in tandem with a wide range of herbivores and birds. Kenya offers a vast and varied terrain, making it ideal for extensive species diversity. With savannah grasslands, large fresh water lakes, valleys, hilly regions and near desert habitats, Kenyan Wildlife parks are packed with natural history moments and wildlife action. Apart from spectacular species like African Lions, Cheetahs, African Elephants, Hippopotamuses and Black Rhinos, one of the major attractions in Kenya is the Great Migration. Known as one of the most spectacular and naturally occurring phenomenon on the planet, The Great Migration is a major attraction which happens annually, through the Serengeti ecosystem in Kenya. The parks that are covered by Notch Bush Safaris are meant to give you a boundless experience of witnessing and photographing the exhaustive range of wildlife in Kenya.

Masai Mara                     Samburu

Lake Nakuru                  Lake Bogoria

Amboseli                        Lake Nivasha

Tsavo East & West       Nairobi National Park